We are a statewide coalition of organizations and community members joining together to close Attica. Attica represents an epicenter of racist brutality and inhumane treatment, and we are organizing to close it immediately as we strive to end staff violence and abuse across all prisons. Because imprisonment is fundamentally violent, we are working to reduce the number of prisons and people imprisoned in New York. We believe a safer and stronger New York is possible where resources wasted on caging people are freed to build the things that help communities thrive: education, housing, healthcare and human services.



Close Attica Now

Close this violent institution immediately and permanently.

End Violence and Abuse Across NYS Prisons

  • Transform prison conditions and culture from brutality, punishment, and racism to mutual respect, communication, and de-escalation.
  • Empower imprisoned people to build a more affirming culture, by ending solitary confinement and expanding programs, ending exploitive work and enhancing medical, mental health, and other care.
  • End staff violence through greater transparency, accountability, and independent oversight.

Decarcerate New York

  • Reduce prison violence by reducing the number of prisons and people imprisoned.
  • Target prisons with abusive staff and enduring violence as a priority for closure.
  • Advance sentencing, parole, and probation reforms that effectively reduce the number of people under corrections.


  • Transform prison-dependent economies by reinvesting in humane alternatives that employ and empower people in New York.
  • Move funding and resources from corrections and law enforcement to education, housing, health and human services that support and strengthen our communities.
  • Build on transformative justice strategies that reduce harm and address the root causes of violence.


The Beyond Attica campaign is a volunteer-led coalition. To join and build the campaign in your city, please contact: beyondattica(at)gmail(dot)com