We are a statewide coalition of organizations and community members joining together to close Attica. Attica represents an epicenter of racist brutality and inhumane treatment, and we are organizing to close it immediately as we strive to end staff violence and abuse across all prisons. Because imprisonment is fundamentally violent, we are working to reduce the number of prisons and people imprisoned in New York. We believe a safer and stronger New York is possible where resources wasted on caging people are freed to build the things that help communities thrive: education, housing, healthcare and human services.


WHEN: Every 2nd Monday, every month, 6-8pm
WHERE: The Correctional Association, 2090 Adam Clayton Powell, Suite 200, NYC*
CONTACT: beyondattica(at)gmail(dot)com

We encourage the participation and leadership of people who have been imprisoned, and family and community members with imprisoned loved ones.

*Participation from communities outside NYC is vital for growing a powerful statewide movement to close Attica. If you do not live in NYC and you can’t make the meetings in person, please contact us for the conference number.


The Beyond Attica campaign is a volunteer-led coalition. To help us move our work forward, consider joining one of our two active working groups: Communications, and Outreach and Education. For more information on how to get involved, contact: beyondattica(at)gmail(dot)com