Young gay muscle guys sex party

His cum was warm, salty and tasty and I savored every last drop as he knelt down and jerked my cock while sucking the tip. His pronunciation If you knew how much he hated non-whites that proved he hated gays even more. Only family was at the cemetery. The thick lather coated my throbbing meat and I began to pound on my swollen cock while teasing my ass ring by rubbing a finger around it in a circular motion. I wanted this feeling to last forever. As his body flexed and writhed with orgasmic pleasure he bent forward and began to lick up his salty cum.

Young gay muscle guys sex party

He patiently filled me inch by inch until I could feel his pubic hair brushing against my ass cheeks. The session was professional and before we knew it two hours had gone by. My aunt would start teaching between 8 and 9 in the morning and we would be done by noon. Then sometime after my twelfth birthday as I started to mature into a man I began to have abnormal thoughts about what was sexy. My mind was still reeling from finding out that Chuck was gay. I knew better than to express my views except to my father. His black pubes were trimmed but not shaved clean, although his massive low hanging balls looked hairless. His body was so muscular and powerful I wanted to kiss and taste every inch of him. To her they were trash but to me they were gold. I was surprised by his eagerness to spend time with me but I was also delighted at the prospect of getting in a good workout. I was sort of taken aback and hesitated before replying. We just stared at each other. By the time I entered college I had a head turning physique my dad was proud of because I was a football hero. He opened wide and took my dick into his mouth. Homeschooled kids play sports just like other kids. I warmed the bench in the beginning but as I built strength I played more. I took part of his shaft into my mouth and slowly massaged it with my tongue. Chuck and I became close and found we had a lot in common and I began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with a man like Chuck. After school we had football practice. Fortunately that only happened once or twice a year. You want to talk about it? If there was a doctor or dentist appointment it was scheduled before school but never after ten in the morning. Dad bought me a brand new Jeep Wrangler since he would have to pay almost nothing for college. We talked about many things but we never talked about was our sexuality or our girlfriends. I pulled him up so his back was against my chest.

Young gay muscle guys sex party

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