Women from islamabad pakistan want to sex

My mother-in-law says I am not innocent and my husband says that I have to learn to be obedient and submissive. The findings suggest that there was a lack of interest by the parents and guardians in finding a good home for these women. I therefore obliged him by agreeing to my marriage. Adolescent Girls and Boys in Pakistan: Acceptance is here defined as the participant's adjustment to the environment and was determined by her own experience of marriage, a comparison with others in worse situations and the expectations she had in accordance with what her mother had told her and prepared her for. They all struggled to communicate with their husbands and other members of the new families. A review of the two representations identified in the life-stories of the young women showed two distinct modes of reacting to and coping with the new challenges. These participants had no dreams for future.

Women from islamabad pakistan want to sex

I found out that my husband worked as a clerk in an office and was 16 years older than myself. The mother-in-law or the head of the household was expecting a pregnancy and taking all decisions in relation to health care needs. An Introduction to Qualitative Research Interviewing. This support continued after marriage. None of the participants knew that sexual activity leads to conception. I wonder if it really will! They were in a position to plan for the future and looked forward to it as opposed to the second group where the young women saw themselves as the most inferior in their new home with no hope for the future. This often led to conflicts as they were unable to cope with their responsibilities and interpreted this as being unprepared for their new role. She said I was no longer a child and should cover myself properly. Sage Publications, Inc; I am not allowed to leave home unaccompanied. They were also expected to take on the role of a wife, a daughter-in-law and a mother with little support from their new families and lacking the support of the old family. The limited information they had about marriage did not prepare them for what was waiting. They were also communicating with their husbands and were prepared to take the new role and avoided conflicts in the new home. They had either received no or deficient information on the topic prior to their marriage. J Consult Clin Psychol. The power dynamics in the extended household were clearly demonstrated in their life stories. When I saw the nurse and the doctor scolding the patients I was scared. At the age of 13—19 years they pass from being a daughter to a daughter-in-law and wife in a new home. My husband complained to my father. He pretended to be asleep while my mother poured kerosene oil on herself and set herself on fire. Islamabad, Pakistan, Population Council; I did not know that sexual activity would lead to conception. Themes helped to focus on the different parts or facets of the stories and served to compare participants' stories and illustrate the similarities and differences. The women identifying themselves as victims came from families where they had felt unwanted, often with a stepmother replacing the dead mother. The respondents were interviewed multiple times, which added to the richness and credibility of the data, as the participants could expand on and explain earlier responses.

Women from islamabad pakistan want to sex

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