What to say during sex to a guy

So those women who think that silent sex is good, let us tell you that men love noises and dirty talks. He will immediately pull his pants down and wait for you to give him a blow job. Some women moan , while others just prefer to be silent. There are also several women who do dirty talking during sex and these women have claimed to have a great sex life. Are you going to take it? Tell your man that this is the best sex you ever had and mean it.

What to say during sex to a guy

He will immediately pull his pants down and wait for you to give him a blow job. Skim through the following, grab a few of your favourite phrases and incorporate them into your dirty talk pronto. While you tell him this, give out some sexy moans. Men love hearing it from your mouth what you like and how you like it. This is something you should definitely try the next time when you have sex with your partner. It helps in boosting your sex life and it will also turn on your man. Apart from all the noises, another thing that is considered to be a big turn bed is talks. It truly does shift the entire dynamic of your sex life in such an easy and sustainable way. And if these are still too tame for you, the next section will kick things up a notch. When he is busy kissing you or kissing your neck, just grab him and whisper this into his ears. This is also a way of telling him you only think of him during sex and it is his body that gives you satisfaction. These talks should not be done before or after sex, but ti should be done during sex. These one liners are definitely a must say during sex. Any statement about what you have liked doing with them, or that you are envisioning doing with them, is a great way to ease into a super-vocal sex session. He likes it even more when it is nobody but his own partner complimenting his size. Also it will keep both you and your partner sexually satisfied. It can be a little uncomfortable at first, but there is such a sense of freedom that comes with allowing your dirty talk to flow freely. What if you say too much? No man will ever deny that he likes hearing to how big his size is. Tell him to keep going and not stop at all. How you show it to him is something very subjective. He will try every possible sex position and make love like there is no tomorrow. Every man loves to hear his partner appreciate all the things he does for her in bed. Dirty talk, just like sex itself, is something that needs to be calibrated to the individual that is hearing the dirty talk from their partner. Let your kinky freak flag fly! I prefer to call it erotic talk, but that is a subject for another day. You are the sexiest person on the planet.

What to say during sex to a guy

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