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We stayed like this for a long time. I was depressed and looking to have a wild weekend to help me forget her. Her mother, Ellice, told me that Sheri had to go visit her father and would be back after the following weekend, but she invited me in anyway. I moved and broke up with Amy and went through a long dry spell. Once we got there, Jim fixed a couple of drinks and we relaxed on the couch. Ronnie had been fucking Mark and whoever else she could. Kera moaned loudly when she saw that.

Watch a girl spary having sex

She passed out from it all and came to shortly after I pulled out. I knew hat I wanted to do. She looked at our reflection and told me she wanted me to put as much in her as I could. Her moaning was getting louder as I went in deeper and deeper. I moaned my pleasure at getting more of his tasty load. She had a hand working her clit and came herself while I was shooting my wad. Later she direted my to fuck her big tits, she said that's what her 42DD's were for. Once we got there, Jim fixed a couple of drinks and we relaxed on the couch. When it was hard he smiled and asked me if I could match him. Nikki put the tape measure down and grabbed my cock with both hands. Jim wrapped his hands around my waist, then slid them down to my tight ass. Patty leaned back again a desk and pulled me to her. It felt like a baseball bat. Then she bent her head down and licked her nipples with me. She said something to the effect that she couldn't believe that I was so big and there was so much left outside her. The second didn't get quite that high, but landed on the wall. Her cunt tightened around my cock and squeezed hard. She was hot and close to cumming so it didn't take much to give her her first orgasm of the night. My cock felt bigger than ever. When I finished shooting, I let her go put my cock in my pants zipped up and went and passed out somewhere. She made me wait until we had both had AIDs tests before we had more sexual contact. I flipped her over on her back and showed her my huge rod and asked her if she was sure. When she couldn't stand it any more I took her clit gently between my lips and licked it with hard fast strokes. I asked her whey she was looking for him. We stacked our hands on top of one another, wraping them around my cock, and still didn't cover it. I kept banging into her cunt, tearing it up.

Watch a girl spary having sex

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  1. I started shooting everywhere, I hit the wall above Wendy's head with the first spurt, then the headboard, then her face a few times and then finished up by covering her tits with cum. I got a letter from another several couples.

  2. I started filling her cunt with cum. He told me it felt incredibley heavy and that he couldn't believe how thick it was.

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