Strict wives wimp husband sex stories

She came into the bedroom sporting a deep tan, and a new short hairstyle. As a cuckold, your duty is to suck the cum out of your wife and get her pussy spotlessly clean, to acknowledge your inferior wimp cuckold status. I could not get the visions of his big black hands mauling my wife's big white tits, or his cock crammed into her pretty mouth. The last six months had been the happiest time in my life for me, Jenny and I had seemed to get on so well. Cuckold Journey, part 3 - Slave Training tags:

Strict wives wimp husband sex stories

He had sole rights to my wife's pussy, and either I was made to watch and clean up after them, or listen from next door as they fucked the night away. We continued to sleep naked together, and she would drive me to a frenzy every night, getting me stiff but unsatisfied. Eventually, both were satisfied, and Jenny lay on the bed with her legs spread wide. It was a very long two weeks, I can tell you. However, Jenny insisted, and as usual got her way. If she really meant what she just said, her taking a big-cocked lover could mean losing her for good. After a while, Earl asked Jenny if she would like to dance, and she eagerly accepted. The whole afternoon was spent with Earl taunting me, telling me exactly what he was going to do to my wife in my bed. I too was told to strip and await instructions. Jenny kept to her word. She and Ralph would perform sexual acts with each other exaggerating their bliss in order to torture Lindy and I. I could quite clearly hear the two of them laughing and giggling for several minutes. I think she was afraid of freaking Ralph. But that was fine with me, because I loved her so desperately. Now I suggest you start licking and get used to the taste of my lover's' juice, because you are going to be swallowing a lot of it in the future". I can assure you Michael that, from what I felt on the dancefloor, Earl is the real man I have been looking for! It was a tattoo of a heart, with the name "Earl" in fancy writing underneath. It will come as no surprise to you that, after they had come down from their high, I was made to suck Earl's cum out of my well-fucked wife, and then lick her juices and his cum off his now flaccid cock while the two of them called me all the white, cum lapping cocksuckers under the sun. The words read "Black cock only". Shortly after it all went quiet, my door opened and Jenny entered. Cuckold Journey, part 6 - The Play of Mistress tags: So much for my hope that Jenny would not enjoy sex with him! I had never seen her looking so sexy. They must have been fucking all night, and the best I had managed with Jenny was twice in a night. She had probably spent the whole two weeks naked lapping up the sun with her lover. That done, I was sent to "my" room. While you are down there, you can start lapping my pussy and give me a nice cum.

Strict wives wimp husband sex stories

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  1. Hearing their laughter, I trotted off to the spare room, feeling like an outsider in my own home. Who will be so fulfilled by hearing her laugh, when they are the focus of her ridicule?

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