Stories of sex at the beach

What a thrill when she held my hardening cock and stroked it. My wife and I live in London, but she is an American. The calm ocean reflecting the blue hue of clear sky, the warmth of sun, and the salty breeze rejuvenated me for ventures to come. Ela, my girlfriend was a Romanian tanned beauty with long brown hair, great pair of tits, and a curvy ass. Each had a mattress on which they slept. Stan stood beside the other one and June opened her legs.

Stories of sex at the beach

The thought that I was going to be jerked off by June made my cock grow a little. When we entered the awning we closed it and stripped nude, ready to masturbate. We would have sex in public and in private he would tie me […] Written by Brook, February 12th, A few years ago my boyfriend and I were invited to a party on the beach by some of our friends, mostly guys. An Written by maryanne, March 9th, My Husband was so into to her, that he never knew where she lived at, but I did! We moved back home to SW Pa. Stan joked "How do you do, John. So both of them, total strangers, wanted me to continue until I ejaculated. That was something" he said. I spent some time swimming […] Written by PassionateGuy, July 7th, I am Rahul age 28 good looking, athletic body living in South Mumbai, married to Neetu age After all, she had seen it right up the day before and now it was only partly up. I did want to fuck her and said so. June was panting as her husband gave her several orgasms. June said that tomorrow we could masturbate in the awning after a session on the nudist beach. My wife and I live in London, but she is an American. We both graduated from school this year. Each had a mattress on which they slept. The day most Americans love to consume hot dogs, drink cold beer, and watch the blockbuster attraction of the fireworks in the dark sky. She had several orgasms as I shot my cum into her. Her big tits were always pushed up to a quite pleasant angle by the shape of her bikini top and her bottoms clung to her round bum in a way that turned the eyes of everyone who could see it. When we were all finished June said "I enjoyed what we have all done. I look fresh in my crisp white button-down shirt, slacks, and matching all white Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers. June was writhing and crying out in her ecstasy. June said "Yes, we do. My wife, June, and I would like you to continue what you were doing. Being nude, it showed. It was the summer of eighty two and I was working at a private beach and tennis club in the Hamptons. Before […] Written by wastor64, January 8th, I wonder if she realized that it was her hat that caught my attention.

Stories of sex at the beach

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SEX ON THE BEACH! - Animated Awkward Story!

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  1. We dressed and I followed their car in mine and they took me to their caravan and showed me round.

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