She said the sex was spiritual

If the Traveler is working with you in Spirit, what you do on these lower levels will not stop that spiritual work. There is no fourth option. A young man in the back of the room sheepishly yelled out, "Let's talk about sex! Intimacy requires self-awareness and a willingness to remove obstacles. Also during orgasm, when energy rises, you may liberate uncomfortable emotions. I was awed and positively overwhelmed by the grace and power in these various exercises which have since been incorporated into our recovery workshops. These will help you develop autonomy and grounding. They could see it and they could feel it; it was crystal clear. There was another aspect of challenge that tested me in the fifteen hours I would have to prepare for the Saturday afternoon workshop.

She said the sex was spiritual

Sensuality can be transmitted from nature to you, a spontaneous osmosis if you allow it to happen. We all have our own version of this internalization. Watching their radiant faces and the effortless fluidity of their spinning, I was transported into bliss too. You never again need to fall for the lie that sex is only physical. Human bliss is only a sliver of what divine bliss can be. Then they can plan erotic interludes to leisurely enjoy each other during a sexual energy exchange and the pleasures their bodies have to offer. Immerse yourself in the bliss of everyday life and of sexual passion: As the afternoon approached, I could feel both a fear and a mysterious power building inside of me. Looking at them separately sort of twists my brain. Either way, imagine a person who does not know Jesus and is therefore on the road to hell. The body, a form of the Formless, is a manifestation of divine love. Someone else roared out, "You can't do it, you're married. See if the following fears are stopping you. Gary in the center of the room being encircled by these early messages. View it as practice for making love with the entire universe. My beaten-down patient had reached that point of surrender. Blending Sex and Spirit Create a sacred space. During sexual energy exchanges, you want to touch the eternal. You never leave church. Give people time, however, and most of them will demonstrate by their actions where they are spiritually. If a man is promiscuous for a period of time and then decides to settle down with one special woman, he may have a hard time because he has these other frequencies for comparison. Do you want to possess him or her? Turn your phones off so there are no disturbances or reasons to hurry. Or Steve Jobs when he was inventing the iPad? Remember, however, that what you do may stop or delay your realization of the work that is going on in Spirit. I was shocked, and took another deep sip of tequila. The class had about thirty students; in fact, I can remember sitting in the middle of a row on the left.

She said the sex was spiritual

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The Relationship Between Sex & Spirit

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  1. Caressing them activates pleasure centers in the brain. Be aware of colors, textures, sounds.

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