Sex the way nature intended it

Women sometimes experience a scraping feeling with each outward stroke and even report discomfort after intercourse or even the next day. When a male is circumcised, some of the most erotically sensitive areas of the penis are removed: In the spirit of science and compassion, I urge you to read this article with an open mind. Because there are no proven benefits for the procedure in the first place, these complications are all the more tragic. The bunching and unbunching of penile skin during intercourse enhances a man's pleasure, but it also excites the woman. How does the circumcised penis affect the sexual pleasure of the woman on the receiving end? Similar information is beginning to gain ground here in the United States, so I'd like to share it with you. Though rare, more disastrous complications can and do occur:

Sex the way nature intended it

This allows the penis to stay deep inside the vagina, keeping the man's pubic mound in close and frequent contact with a woman's clitoral area, which increases her pleasure and a sense of closeness. The abnormally hardened coronal ridge can then be very uncomfortable to vaginal tissue during intercourse. If you are a woman, you, too, have much to look forward to, for it brings the promise of greater overall happiness between the sheets, and pages, of your life. Box Boston, MA Tel. Since , the national circumcision rate has dropped by 30 percent, and an increasing number of physicians are finding the courage to refuse to perform the procedure. This quiet revolution, called Foreskin Restoration, can be achieved through plastic surgery or non surgical methods. As the absurdity of this position became apparent, new justifications, such as the prevention of cervical and penile cancers, received the blessing of the medical establishment. Fortunately, it is finally accepted as a medical fact that circumcision is extraordinarily painful for newborns, who are born with full nocioceptive pain sensing ability. Though circumcision is relatively easy to perform, like any surgical procedure it has risks. As one of O'Hara s survey respondents reported: As a matter of fact, two of the most well-researched and eloquent books on the harmful nature of circumcision have been written by Jewish men. I am sure that these guys have not experienced the same problems I have with my prominent corona and tight skin. Some are even told to retract the foreskin forcibly. This applies pressure to the interior tissue of the corona and coronal ridge where nerves that are excited by pressure send a wave of sexual excitement throughout the upper penis. To start with, babies feel pain the same way adults do. A national survey of women, conducted by the author, reveals that circumcision abnormalizes the way the penis thrusts and feels to a woman, significantly diminishing her sexual enjoyment and her ability to achieve orgasm from intercourse. Also contrary to popular belief, the uncircumcised penis requires no special care. And like the tip of the female clitoris, the tip of the penis is sexually stimulated by the pleasurable sensations created by the massaging actions of the movement of the foreskin upon it during intercourse. The glans was designed by nature to be covered all the time except during sexual activity. That, to me, is what is most impressive about this book. In her study of women who have had sexual experiences with both natural and circumcised men, O'Hara notes that respondents overwhelmingly concurred that the mechanics of coitus were different for the two groups of men. Still, the tide is turning as more and more people, both within and without the medical profession, rethink the entire subject. O'Hara's research makes the following sexual comparisons between the natural and circumcised penis. The abundant skin of the natural penile shaft further cushions the force of the coronal ridge in the vagina. It is now possible to restore the foreskin through various non-surgical techniques. How does the circumcised penis affect the sexual pleasure of the woman on the receiving end?

Sex the way nature intended it

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How a natural (uncircumcised) penis works

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  1. As respected obstetrician and gynecologist George Denniston points out, "Circumcision violates the first tenet of medical practice:

  2. Women report more problems with lubrication when having sex with circumcised men, possibly because of irritation from the harder tip and involuntary tensing against it, and also because the longer stroke length tends to remove lubrication from the vagina.

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