My wife will not have sex

As my mind became clearer, I thought back, and could remember a tape playing beside the crib. I don't know what your punishment will be, but I have been promised that you will in no way enjoy any of it. I was ready to skip the show, but as you know, I had no choice, not now, and it seems, not ever. Drying myself off, I was amazed at how different it felt with no hair, and almost came on the spot when I pulled that silk up over my smooth legs, and how it flowed around my shoulders and back. Yes, that's right, last night, while you were sleeping like a widdle baby. She was also rather large breasted, but had a skinny waist. He had the build of an athlete, with the polish of a corporate CEO.

My wife will not have sex

I got home on a Monday night, and there was my beautiful, sexy, and devious wife waiting at the door in a silvery-blue silk teddy that clung to her curves like it was painted on. Mark bought this for me last night. Now dry, and hard, I used the perfumed body talc, wondering why she wanted me to wear such a girly scent, but following orders just the same. I tried to raise my head, but I was still a bit woozy, and quickly gave that up. I was then led, naked, back into the nursery, where I was led back to the changing table, feet back in the stirrups, and the butt plug removed. She also gave me two pills, one the hormone and the other a real multi- vitamin, because I would need my strength. Now Connie reached back under the table, and I heard a bolt being drawn, and the end of the table folded down, so my naked bottom was right at the edge of the table, holding my open hole at the right height, and in the right place to be taken by anyone she chose. I looked down and the words "Sissy Slut in Training," were emblazoned on the front in glittery letters. There were ruffles around the leg openings, and this led my eyes down her magnificent legs, which were now covered in sheer white stockings, to her feet which were encased in a pair of silver sandals complete with little ankle straps, and at least 5 inch heels. Master looked at Nanny and told her to come closer. An hour later my unruly mop of longish blonde hair was cut in a very feminine, but little girly style, with a part down the middle, and the hair just touching my collar, and curling about my ears. It wasgoing to be a very, very long night. While I was tied up at work on a major project for the government, we decided, or maybe I should say, Connie decided that she would handle the move and the new furniture and decorations for the house. Then I get to take them off you! Then she did something that really surprised me. My hands and chest were freed; Nanny sat me up, and removed all of my clothes, except my pacifier and my diaper. He pulled out a bit, and then rammed it back in. It had a flange or something near the rounded end, and there seemed to be a hole through it. Also, my jaw was sore, and my mouth was very, very dry. My wife knelt down, and slowly pulled these down his muscular legs to his ankles, and helped him step out of them. As if reading my mind, she spoke up, "Do you like Mommy's new nightie? Yes, you were a sweet husband, and your very talented tongue made up a lot for your lack of cock, but when I found a man with a thick, juicy cock that really fills me up, I had to have it, and have more and more of it. Just do the best I could, and she would tie the bow pretty for me. I figured she was fastening the little button that all ladies' dresses had. The pain subsided to a dull ache, and I felt better than I had in the last few days. She then looked at me for a moment, and walked to the phone in the corner.

My wife will not have sex

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The Sexless Marriage

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  1. She told Nanny to sit me on the high chair, strap me in tight, and to stand beside the chair.

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