My girlfriend is my mother sex fantasy

When she came out all she was wearing was a neon green laced bra with a neon green see through thong. I continued to slide in and out of Cassey listening to her moan. As I licked her I could tell she wanted my dick in her because she started to buck her hips. You could tell by the expression on her face that she had, had a bad day. I smiled and ran out the door. As I was about 3 quarters of the way in she told me I was deep enough so I slid it out and began to push it back in.

My girlfriend is my mother sex fantasy

She slowly pulled down my boxers and grabbed my now fulley erect dick. She let out a low sweet moan. Licking it and swirling her tounge around it. She giggled and said bye. I rolled her over on her stomach and stuck the vibrator back in her pussy and kept her twitching body flat on the bed as I ran my dick between her ass cheeks. You are a damn fine looking woman and any guy who would rather play golf than pound your hot ass is either gay or impotent. If you want to fuck my brains out follow me soon or I will just start and finish myself off. She then began running her hand over my ass, and I could no longer hide the way her attentions were turning me on. She wasted no time grabbing my dick and deep throating me as I took the vibrator from her and began rubbing her slit hard up and down as she slurped and sucked my dick. I ran the vibrator over her clit as I sent another wave of pleasure through her bawdy body. I continued to slide my dick into her. When I got beside her we just gave each other a quick kiss and walked out the door. She had gone to work already and I was left by myself in her queen sized bed to wake up slowly after a night of sex. I had really given her a good time for sure. She very easily started moving her hand up and down. She moaned really loud. Stopping every once in a while to take a breath. So I took my tounge out and grapped my dick. The hair sets off her dark brown eyes always surrounded by a pair narrow Burgundy marbled, thin framed horn rimmed glasses. I pulled her hair to raise her head up, her glasses were half off her face, which had her thin, beautiful hair matted to her sweaty face, and she was gasping and groaning as I fucked her in the ass. As I got the whole head in she let out a scream. In her car all we talked about was how bad her day had gone and how she wishes that something great could happen to make her day better. I cranked up the speed and pushed as far in as the dial and went back to work on her clit the orgasm was almost instantaneous and she squirted all over my face and soaked the bed spread. She backed up and took her checkered shirt off and hung it over my shoulder and patted my back with a wink, then crossed her arms and pulled her shirt off exposing her light pink coloured sheer bra. So holding her down at the hips I slid my cock deep into her tight ass.

My girlfriend is my mother sex fantasy

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