Is it okay to have sex during your period

Read on to learn more about sex during your period. And I hope you are. But for some women, this extra sensitivity may make it uncomfortable to have sex during this time. Because the cervix is more open during this time of month which allows the blood to pass , you have a slightly higher risk of infection from exposure to a sexually transmitted disease during unprotected sex, Ford says. Having sex during your period has a few upsides: But clear evidence is lacking for any increased risk of getting a yeast infection if you have sex during your period. Amanda MacMillan February 09, Fans of 50 Shades of Grey will remember the much talked-about tampon scene —and while that particular romp won't be playing out on the big screen, it's still been making headlines as buzz about the upcoming movie reaches a fever pitch. The decision is up to you.

Is it okay to have sex during your period

Spread a dark-colored towel on the bed to catch any blood leaks. Then consider how long your sex session is actually going to last. Be open and honest with your partner. Samantha, you can also check out these answers: There's also the dreaded UTI. Using protection will also guard you against STIs. Increased sex drive Your libido changes throughout your menstrual cycle, thanks to hormonal fluctuations. And it may make people wonder: But for others, menstruation could actually be a turn-on of sorts. For example, you may want to try lying on your side with your partner behind you. If you're curious what your partner might think, however, don't spring it on him or her in the heat of the moment—bring it up before things get hot and heavy. Explore your options and choose to do what makes you happy! Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur the week before your menstrual period, and intercourse during this time can exacerbate symptoms. A monthly delight or something to be entirely avoided and never spoken of? Having sex in the missionary position, with the woman on her back, can also limit blood flow thanks, gravity! Can you have sex during your period? We look at the possible risks of sex during menstruation below, including sexually transmitted infections STIs and pregnancy: Having sex during your period has a few upsides: Tell them how you feel about having sex during your period, and ask how they feel about it. Or, have sex in the shower or bath to avoid the mess entirely. It can even help with cramps and improve the period blues. If you're not comfortable using one of them, even a regular condom can make cleanup easier—for your partner, at least. If either of you is hesitant, talk about the reasons behind the discomfort. Keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes by the bed to clean up afterward. Vaginal-penile sex can also spread yeast infections, causing the head of the penis to become inflamed. Though period sex can be a bit messy, it is safe. Hall says many women experience an increased feeling of congestion in the pelvic area, which can also ramp up your sex drive.

Is it okay to have sex during your period

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  1. While yeast infections can also occur without engaging in sexual activity, people may have a higher risk of getting a yeast infection due to the hormonal changes during a period. Can you have sex during your period?

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