I want to talk about sex

Know exactly how to calibrate to a woman's state You can create conversations that bristle with energy and draw people to you like a magnet Do you know how to be memorable to anyone you meet within the first 30 seconds? Here's a solid method for making sure that the people you talk to feel respected, and you get the respect from them you deserve: Effective body language in communication - how to demonstrate good communication physically How to use "inoculation" to manage problems before they appear The two steps to verbal self-defense - your personal "jiu-jitsu" technique to evade and avoid anyone's conversation attacks How to "Induce Familiarity" with a woman so that she treats you like someone she's trusted for years

I want to talk about sex

Here's how I've seen the best conversationalists do it: Rapport and Cold Reading How to use cold reading to help you build rapport with women - and how most guys misunderstand this technique and its power My "Begging the Question" reply strategy - use this one simple phrase to shut anyone down that's trying to out-argue you - this one is pure gold What you MUST know about using pre-rehearsed "scripts" and "patterns" to assist you with your ability in conversation with women Should you A push back with just as much yelling and anger to put her in her place, or B let her get her way now, and then hope she relaxes later and comes around? The 2-step process for re-connecting with a woman when things go bad on you and you lose that connection with her The one reason most guys cannot stay positive and - and you can change this in just 10 minutes! The 8 reasons why we laugh - and when you know these reasons, you'll finally have a real understanding of where humor fits in to your conversations How you're setting yourself back even further in your communication style without even being aware of it I'll give you a tip here that deals with this particular mistake How to communicate with your family effectively and stop them from irritating the hell out of you - start getting the respect you deserve from the people you love Verbal Self-Defense 1 - Power Questions How we make rational errors in judgment - and how to avoid them Maybe they just seemed so accepting and open to you, but you felt like you could tell them things that you just wouldn't tell other people. I want to hear something that I have never heard before or have not heard in awhile. How to use storytelling effectively to communicate your personality and your accomplishments to others How to get a woman to think you're the most incredibly insightful man she's ever met You need to have conversations that you can change and calibrate to any situation Learn Conversational Karate - Your secret martial art of social self-defense so that you can feel safe in any social situation - and always hold your own An arsenal of weapons that you could use at any time to get you in or out of any conversation. Saying something wrong and having everyone think I was clueless The secret factor you must manage when you're in a conversation with someone so that they trust you and relate to you - almost as if they've known you forever How to gather keywords to generate new conversational topics and keep a conversation going as long as you want it to You're trying to create a gabfest that no one in their right mind would want to walk away from. When you're talking to a woman, do you ever find yourself in a situation where you know you've met a high-quality woman and you don't want to mess it up, but you can't find the words to form a real connection between you and her? It's not hard to avoid these mistakes in your conversations.

I want to talk about sex

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Women Talk About Sex On The First Date

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  1. The two steps to verbal self-defense - your personal "jiu-jitsu" technique to evade and avoid anyone's conversation attacks How to use my "Fake Dumbness" method for making women laugh - and this one is best for parties and social locations like bars, clubs, and even work

  2. Examples of powerful communication words you should use to maximize your impact in conversation and trigger the subconscious emotions that motivate us

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