How to sex the kenyan sand boa

Cloacal Popping Hatchlings of all the snake species with which we have ever had the opportunity to try can be sexed Popping a female ball pythonusing a method known as "popping. And it's always possible that they could both be males, as combat is unknown to occur in many snake species, and it doesn't always occur even in species known to vigorously combat. Females are the larger sex in most species of sandboas, pythons, boas, garter snakes and some Old World pitvipers. In general, however, differences in tail length are not a satisfactory means of determining sex. Many "male" blood pythons have been missexed females that were observed to stick out their "hemipenes" when they were upset. Sometimes keepers will choose to use a probe that is too narrow on the incorrect assumption that this will make probing the snake easier. A spur typically consists of a spur base which is capped with a spur claw; species with spurs have one spur at each side of the anal scale.

How to sex the kenyan sand boa

Popping a male sand boa babySnakes can be sexed with certainty using the "popping" method only during the first few weeks after hatching. Pushing on the base of the tail often compress the scent glands in the tail of either sex, causing them to expel a small amount of their secretion. Sometimes solitary males will leave small deposits of sperm in their water bowl or in little spots around the cage. However, scattered throughout the family tree of the snakes are occasional examples of sexual dimorphism. The hemipenes of males tend to be much more uniform in structure and probe to equal depths. Actually, for a male ball python, it's a slender spur showing little wear. The sexes of most vipers and pitvipers have different numbers of subcaudal scales. In some smaller species, the spur is reduced in size and set into a fold of skin at the lateral margin of the anal scale, essentially unnoticeable. We occasionally find the hemipenial homolog on this side to be perforated in captive female snakes that are missexed as males; generally we find the hemipenial homolog on the right side of a female to be intact. The use of an appropriate-diameter clear-plastic tube is a very safe and appropriate means to restrain delicate snakes, biting snakes, and venomous snakes. When observed, this is pretty conclusive evidence that the inhabitant of the cage is a male. There are some species in which the females may probe deep relative to most female snakes; for example, diamond python females may probe as deeply as subcaudals. Of course, if no combat is observed, they could be a male and female or both females. This technique is based on the fact that a probe introduced into the cloaca can be slid a greater distance into the base of the tail of a male than into the tail of a female. If you visit the zoo and see an immense reticulated python, it's almost certainly a female. Sometimes keepers will choose to use a probe that is too narrow on the incorrect assumption that this will make probing the snake easier. The hemipenes of hatchling males are little pink or reddish rods that pop out, one on each side of the cloacal opening; on most species they have a visible red blood vessel on their medial surfaces. The measure of the penetration of the probe into the base of the tail is the number of subcaudal scales spanned by that distance, counted from the vent posterior to the scale at the level of the maximum penetration of the probe. There are a variety of methods that can be successfully used to hold a snake for this procedure, our only comment is that it's the responsibility of the holder to see that the snake being sexed does not bite the prober. As pictured here, the probe is inserted into the cloaca and directed against the posterior wall of the cloaca to determine if it can be passed into the tail, and if so, how far. It does have a lot of inward hook, typical of males. Determining the sex of a snake by cloacal probing is best done as a two person job-a "holder" and a "prober". This is referred to as the "cloacal probing technique," or, more often, simply as "probing. Were comparison possible, the everted hemipenes of male blood pythons are bigger, with more structure and more vascularization than the relatively smooth, pale, everted hemipenial homologs of females. It works sort of like when the finger of a glove is pulled into the hand of the glove. One should use the largest probe that could be inserted into the hemipenes of a male.

How to sex the kenyan sand boa

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