How to lose weight having sex

A study conducted by Brown University revealed that people who dieted with a buddy lost twice as much weight as those individuals going solo. But put your dieting fears aside. Even a snuggly hug can nudge levels of this helpful hormone upward. Author Kerry McCloskey has discovered a more pleasurable, R-rated way to lose weight. Researchers from the University of Bangor in the United Kingdom found no discernible weight loss in women who had taken part in three sessions of circuit exercise training per week for either 4 or 8 weeks, despite burning around 3, calories in total during this time period. Do two sets of 10 and then switch roles with your partner.

How to lose weight having sex

Sex is not just a good way to connect with your partner and improve your mood, it can be a great workout too. For women, the range was from Find out where your libido rates on the sex-o-meter, and what you can do if you're running low on steam with this sex drive quiz. Already lost a few pounds? The Shoulder Get her to lie flat on her back and kneel in front of her. According to health experts, indulging in intimate sessions also boosts a healthy lifestyle. If the back of your legs are tight, bend your knees. We have sent you a verification email. TNN Last updated on - Apr 13, , Lower yourself back down to the floor. But if you're looking to shift some pounds, exercise alone may not be the answer to weight loss we once thought it was, as we reported last week. Line the soles of your feet up with each other and clasp your hands together outside of your legs. As you come up, lean forward and give your partner a full-mouthed, wet kiss. Sex can actually help you lose extra calories. Sex curbs carb and fat cravings. In fact it depends on a range of factors like your puberty age, menstrual cycle and menopause. Get your own copy of The Ultimate Sex Diet. We have the answer! Sex can double your fat loss. Also, not indulging in sex regularly may not show any effective results. Keep your arms at your sides, palms facing down. Even modest weight loss can boost a guy's testosterone levels and reverse some erectile dysfunction. Make her lift her buttocks and thighs as far as she can and place her legs on your shoulders. She could burn up to calories with the wheelbarrow so make like a wheel and get moving. Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! Still, every little helps, and a temporary curb on eating after sex is sure to contribute to overall weight loss. If you keep this big but rarely noted bedroom benefit in mind the next time you're tempted to skip your morning walk or order the sausage and waffles with extra syrup, you'll not only keep on fitting into those skinny jeans, you'll also have even more fun when you take them off.

How to lose weight having sex

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5 ways sex helps you lose weight

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  1. A mere 25 minutes of sex—we're figuring 10 minutes of foreplay, 15 minutes for the main event—burns 88 calories if you're a pound woman, calories for a pound guy.

  2. For women, trimming excess weight can enhance arousal, orgasms and overall satisfaction. Lawson — from the Neuroendocrine Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston — explains in an article in the December edition of Nature Reviews Endocrinology that "experiments in rodents, nonhuman primates and humans consistently show that oxytocin reduces caloric consumption.

  3. Draw your abdomen in and then press the small of your back and pelvis gently back down to the floor. Even a snuggly hug can nudge levels of this helpful hormone upward.

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