How to have gay anal sex

Different gay men have argued the health benefits of doing this. As with everything I write, the intent of this piece is to break down the stigmas surrounding the sex lives of gay men. We now live in an age when PrEP gives HIV-negative men and women extra precaution against HIV transmission — a precaution that, according to every statistic available, is more dependable than regular condom use. Here are some thoughts: Do not rush it. Keep an eye out for blood. One of my first relationships ended because I tried to convert my boyfriend from top to bottom.

How to have gay anal sex

If you're a target of domestic violence, tell someone about the abuse, whether it's a friend, loved one, health care provider or other close contact. If you're reluctant to seek treatment, confide in a trusted friend or loved one. In fact to some degree, there still exists anti-gay sentiment in many parts of the United States. This is why I almost always clean out beforehand. Train your butt with toys. Oil-based lubricants can weaken latex condoms and cause them to break. One of the best ones you can buy is the 4 in 1 shower cleaning system. These are novelty items. They will probably affect your stomach, especially if you have not eaten, and quite commonly will make you have a bowel movement. Look for a doctor who puts you at ease. So rather than cast blame, the wisest response is for me and every health care worker and conscientious gay man to urge guys who bareback to get tested as frequently as possible. The very next day, I went out and bought my first box of non-latex condoms. As you continue to gain confidence and feel comfortable — and hopefully pleasure — you can then move on to experimenting with toys. When I finally tried to carry out these fantasies, I could not take anything bigger than a pinky finger. Generally speaking, stress is the byproduct of cumulative events or responsibilities. I know some guys who are good to go after one squirt. Try different lubes to figure out which one you like the most. However, when you see red, it is a sign that you have gone too rough or perhaps have not used enough lube, and it is time to stop. I wanted to be unable to sit afterward. Get comfortable, first and foremost, with getting fucked. This paranoia has ruined sex for me several times in my life and frustrated tops who knew what they were getting into — literally. However, gay men and men who have sex with men have some specific health concerns. Not only do bottoms typically have to clean out beforehand, but we also set the tone and speed of sex and control its advancement. This was a necessity for a young boy in the South. If you have a substance abuse concern, remember that help is available. Consider calling a domestic violence hotline and creating a plan to leave your abuser. Some guys do a pre-sex check with a lubed finger, but I do not trust my fingers, which are shorter than most of dicks I want to take.

How to have gay anal sex

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Bottoming 101: Tips for Better Anal Sex

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  1. I am not sweepingly anti-drug, although I believe certain substances — heroin, meth — should be avoided.

  2. It is probably not the best thing to do, but neither is excessive cleaning or really rough sex, which can cause hemorrhoids and fissures and other ailments.

  3. Cum itself for many guys is the fetish, so being a cum dump kind of the ultimate goal for someone who fetishizes cum itself. Every time you have anal sex, you get micro-fissures.

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