How to be good at sex

The secret to the best sex ever When you're stressed out, it's impossible to feel sexy. The next time you're at the store or in the gym, take a look around you at all the attractive women who are a variety of shapes and sizes. It's extreme, yes, but highly effective. How to break the stalemate? Better yet, visit him at work.

How to be good at sex

Or perhaps it's when you do yoga and achieve a mind-body meld. Splurge on something you'd normally never buy — like platform pumps — and wear them for a girls' night out. That's because when you tell yourself you can't have something, you want it even more. These moves will make sex hotter, happier, and just plain sexier. Working out is a great way to boost your sex life. Make the mind-body connection. A recent study at the University of Virginia found that the leading predictor of a woman's marital happiness was the level of her husband's emotional engagement. No wonder we're not in the mood — we're tired! Put your hand on top of his and guide him in how you want to be touched — including how much pressure to use. If you two are spending quality time together, you're happy. Chances are, this doesn't happen often enough. Research shows that new and adventurous activities may stimulate the brain to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in sexual desire. When you're stressed out, it's impossible to feel sexy. When you're ready to move on to oral sex, or to bring in a few sex toys, speak up. You need to feel close to him to be inspired to make love, and he often needs sex to feel close to you, explains Berman. Think about those moments in your life when you feel completely in tune with your body. Recharge your sexual batteries by doing things that let you break free from your hectic everyday life, says Berman. Seeing him in a place that doesn't have anything to do with you will reveal a different side of him and reconnect you with the person you fell in love with. The thing is, you like sex — a lot. Better yet, visit him at work. Working out gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment, says Berman. Research at the University of Washington shows that when men pitch in around the house, their wives are much more likely to be satisfied with the relationship and to want more sex. It's extreme, yes, but highly effective. As a result, your libido takes a nosedive. Touch each part and say aloud what you like about it — this will help to reinforce your feelings, says Berman. Play a CD that reminds you of your college days and sing along. If you can't head off for the weekend, go out to dinner instead.

How to be good at sex

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