How many women use sex toys

In fact, female vibrator users were significantly more likely to have had a gynecological exam during the past year and to have performed genital self-examination during the previous month. Another nasty rap and outdated notion is that sex toys are only for those whose sex lives are lacking. Women not only benefit from sex toys — some women need them. No need to be freaked out — there's a sex toy for everybody. But that era is long over. What the insinuation here is that there are still some people who have an embarrassment or concern to their sexual selves, and do not like having to engage that. Women in a relationship are more inclined to use a vibrator than ladies who are single. Sex toys are for everyone, not just lonely single people.

How many women use sex toys

Most studies found that vibrator clients were in their thirties. Women who had used a vibrator were more probable than individuals who had never used a vibrator to have had a gynaecologic exam in the previous year and performed a genital examination themselves in the previous month. Here are the discoveries. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Toys like vibrators can change that. Otherwise go back to that great sex you were having with your husband and vibrator. Some interesting results from the studies concluded: However, sex has become a fascinating topic, and numerous studies commissioned by universities around the world have probed and prodded us into revealing our sexual habits and behaviours. Sex toys can be be game-changers for couples. It must get awfully lonely there The study of women found that the men whose wives had affairs had fully erect members of around six inches in length. Plus, after a few orgasms, any hang-ups about sex toys you may have had will be long gone. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. The survey was funded, however, by Church and Dwight Co. I've had so many clients that told me that once they blindfold their lover, they can do things and say things. There's even a vibrator, the We-Vibe 4 , that you can control with an app on your phone so your partner can get you off even if they're across the globe. As men age and their parts just aren't working the way they used to, toys can become an essential part of sex. The new results are based on two studies, one surveying more than 2, women and the other more than 1, men ages 18 to 60 , both of which are published this week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This research is indicating an ability to understand their bodies and to pay closer attention to their sexual health and well-being. But whatever those fears are, they can be shelved long enough to allow yourself the opportunity to see what sex toys are out there and how your own sex life might be improved. The figures will shock you According to a recent survey of the British public, almost almost three million own a sex toy However, only one in eight of their male counterparts, or 12 per cent, will admit to owning one. The top states also happen to be sparsely populated. Sex toys can shift the focus in the bedroom for the better. More than 50 percent of women participants had used a vibrator, with nearly one in four having done so in the past month. Let's take it from the top. It liberates them," says Cadell.

How many women use sex toys

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