First time swapping sex partner stories

I watched as my wife spread her legs wide to receive his dick into her cunt. Then his wife got up and slid off her dress. I think she needs a good fucking, too. Did you discuss STI history? This is a print version of story Our first swap by stevesthe1 from xHamster.

First time swapping sex partner stories

With cool deftness she freed my erect penis from my shorts and held it. We went to the bedroom and started undressing one another. The husband was good looking and in good shape. How did they behave toward you? Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? Do you regret this hookup? I would watch the two gobbling us, and both would occasionally smile at me. How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How did they react? She gasped as he licked her clit, swelling hard at his touch. Then he began to slowly slide his shaft in and out of her. How did you feel during it? I was more focused on the sensual enjoyment of the experience. You have a hookup story to share? My wife grabbed my hand as his tongue slipped inside her and she closed her eyes. She grunted as she shoved it in to the hilt. As for instigating it, I think everyone just moved forward at the same pace. The conversation soon turned to sex, and it quickly became evident that this couple had more than talk in mind. We had exchanged photos and everyone was interested. My wife's eyes were on her pussy, watching my cock disappear inside her bush. I answered, "We think that's an attractive offer. His tongue went along her belly, poked into her navel, then slid down to her steamy snatch. We were all interested. But it turned out okay because, up until this point we had been in long-term monogamous relationships. D the husband was a guy with an average build, somewhat less muscular and slighter than my husband, dark hair, dark eyes, generally attractive guy.

First time swapping sex partner stories

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  1. To whom did you talk about the hookup? Neither they nor we had ever had a full-swap encounter before, but we were ready to give it a go.

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