Female infanticide and sex selective abortion

This produces several fertilised embryos, some of which are placed in her womb, and the others are frozen for possible later use. In response the Sikh religious organisation Akal Takht has re-emphasised that women are equal to men. The impact of the law and its enforcement is unclear. How can preferring a son be the sole reason for fewer and fewer girls in India, when girls have been consistently declining among all religiously affiliated and southern Indian states with a matrilineal society? Caste Some female infants are killed because they are regarded as being lower in the caste hierarchy than males.

Female infanticide and sex selective abortion

If the prolife movement can become part of a broader struggle to recognize the sacredness of all life When amniocentesis became available in the s, it became possible to practice female infanticide before delivery as well as after. Hindu scriptures refer to abortion as garha-batta womb killing and bhroona hathya killing the undeveloped soul. The ACWF reported that approximately one-quarter of the , divorces registered each year were the result of family violence. However, by the time of Muhammad, and the revelation of the Qur'an female infanticide was strictly forbidden, and regarded as seriously as adult murder. Although subconsciously they know that they are killing the baby in the womb, they prefer to say they are "terminating the pregnancy," or "removing the tissue" so they may feel free of the guilt for murder, thus deluding themselves psychologically This is largely economic and due to reasons like these: Media reports in India have quoted the Census Commissioner, C. Female foeticide in India A map of India's child sex ratio, If you kill, you must be killed. A majority of westerners and feminists, including Indian, view the issue simply in terms of rights and choices, but if there are no women, whose rights and choices will we talk about. Family economics Girl babies are often killed for financial reasons. So, about half of the missing female population is from India, a country that is roughly one-third the size of the United States but that has three times as many people. Now you kill yourselves. They conclude, contrary to common belief, that the recent rapid spread of ultrasound in India, from the s through s, did not cause a concomitant rise in sex-selection and prenatal female abortion. Historical Perspective Girls have been eliminated in India for centuries. This situation, what I refer to as gendered arrangement, is old and commonly misunderstood. Writing in the 3rd century BCE, Kleitarchos , one of the historians of Alexander the Great , described that the infants rolled into the flaming pit. They are killing the baby in the womb. Hindus and non-Hindus alike can recognize that this is self-defeating. Female foeticide is being criticised by so many NGOs and others but without realising the practical problems. A hymn in the Rig Veda 7. The karma generated in one's present life determines whether one enjoys a higher or suffers a lower existence in the next reincarnation. The Council of Constantinople declared that infanticide was homicide, and in AD , the Third Council of Toledo took measures against the custom of killing their own children. As of , according to CIA estimates, Albania has one the highest birth sex imbalances in the world, at

Female infanticide and sex selective abortion

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India battles gender-based abortions

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  1. The Teachings of the Apostles or Didache said "thou shalt not kill a child by abortion , neither shalt thou slay it when born". The One Child Policy was introduced by the Chinese Government in with the intention of keeping the population within sustainable limits even in the face of natural disasters and poor harvests, and improving the quality of life for the Chinese population as a whole.

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