Douleur exquise sex and the city

She wipes her eyes and ponders. He decides to offer her a half off discount for reasons that as yet are unknown. No one makes a permanent exit wearing eggplant. Possibly it has something to do with her delicate layered necklaces. He shows up at some gay bar in the meatpacking district. In the midst of her ranting, she spills her drink and stops.

Douleur exquise sex and the city

Since Big is out of town, Carrie has time to give to Stanford, with a martini shaker of Cosmos and cigarettes through the open window. Is this like a navy blue Rorschach test? Poor Carrie really bears the brunt of the pain in this episode when her relationship with Big derails leaving her wearing a beret and throwing fast food… not a good look. The bouncer tells him the clothing check is mandatory, and Stanford has to get naked to get in. We pan across a big buffet at some restaurant featuring lots of baguettes, an entire turkey, rare roast beef, and other delicacies. They both go with it, Big allowing Carrie to turn him to the side so she can spank him with the crop. She does the honorable thing and attempts to return them. Charlotte watches, horrified, but allows things to continue and politely, as per usual, refrains from commenting. Later, Stanford confesses his nightlife to Carrie, and his alter ego: From whips to toes, sweet Charlotte is happy to cross paths with a foot fetishist who gives her discounts on shoes in exchange for spending time with her feet. What do you think of those shoes? He likes other voyeuristic things other than biographies, it seems, like messing around in public places. They demand that she stop letting this continue while Carrie demands to know when and where Charlotte bought those shoes. The truth sinks in slowly, and when it hits, she starts throwing everything around her because now she knows he never intended to include her in his life plans. PS — five points if you can find the boob-tastical photobomb in the background of this screen cap. Like many gays, he has an outlandish screen name, and chats about his particular interest, underwear. And this is how Charlotte met a foot fetishist who enabled her bad habit. Miranda forgot about this story? Big, having been given an out, allows her to. But in order to make things right, Charlotte has to return them. So, remember the whole unsanitary issue? But shitty Carrie or shitfaced makes a return and drunk dials Big. This has got to stop! Charlotte comes back with the shoes in the box and gives them to the perverted salesman. Nervous, Stanford hangs back, but after peeking at the half-naked merchandise inside, decides to give in. So… color me prudish, but does anyone else find this restaurant opening party 50 Shades of unsanitary?

Douleur exquise sex and the city

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Carrie: "how do we know when enough is enough?"

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  1. Charlotte obviously knows this is not above board, but she lets him rub her feet, and he seems content with that at the moment. To the surprise of no one, this goes badly.

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