Are you ready to have sex

If you answer yes to all these questions, the time may be right. Just to be safe, make sure you have condoms. What activities am I not comfortable with? Good sex is a lifelong experience and can be lots of fun if you play safe, relax and enjoy yourself. Is it the right time, in the right place, and with the right person? Ask yourself if you feel comfortable. Starting a conversation about the different types of contraception could be a good way to start talking about other issues to do with sex, such as how you feel about it and what you do and don't want to do.

Are you ready to have sex

Before having sex, have a conversation with your partner about contraception. Have we got contraception organised to protect against pregnancy? Some girls wait until marriage, some wait a few months and some just a few dates. Make sure you take time to think about how to prepare yourself for an experience that could be wonderful, but can also be hard emotionally. Am I ready for sex? Lubricant helps too, she says. The best way to do this is to always use a condom. Good sex is a lifelong experience and can be lots of fun if you play safe, relax and enjoy yourself. Some girls know and other girls take a lot of time to think about the decision to have sex—both are valid! What are our hopes for the experience? Having sex can be a major step in your life and it deserves some thought and planning. This can lead to an STI or unintended pregnancy. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable. There are other reasons for pain, too. Sex, in its many different forms, can provide a way to express love, give and receive pleasure, and learn about yourself and the ways in which you communicate with other people. Am I thinking about having sex just to impress my friends or keep up with them? I wanted to do it with him. Am I attracted to my partner? Is this a casual, one-time encounter or will we continue to have sex? If you think you might have sex, ask yourself the following questions: Corinna is a sexuality, contraception and abortion educator and counselor as well as a writer and activist. What sexual position s will we explore? With that said, sex is also deeply personal, and can result in feeling vulnerable to another person. After a few drinks, you're more likely to lose your judgement and may do things you wouldn't do normally. Some tips to make your first experience a good one Take time to think ahead and decide what form of birth control if applicable or STI protection you will use, if any. Pay attention to your feelings, and give yourself time and space to make the best choice for you. There are a lot of bad reasons to have sex:

Are you ready to have sex

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  1. Search this website Are You Ready for Sex? If you're not sure you can stay in control, avoid situations that could lead to sex, such as going to someone's room or somewhere quiet.

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