Aiken south carolina sex offender registry

The client walked out of jail a free man with no discharge. I am sorry, but that did not happen. I am not that kind of guy. They also disregarded the two polygraphs. The images were forensically recovered by a private lab for use in defense of our client. He was sentenced for 4 charges instead of 9. One pedestrian was killed and the other lost his leg. The prosecution portrayed our client as a gay sexual predator. The El Salvadorans Government wanted our client in jail.

Aiken south carolina sex offender registry

OSI should have been aware of the records, but they never bothered to look at them. If she was not on the prescription medication when the sex occurred, then she was lying about being unconscious during the sex. She was divorced but claimed that she was married for over 10 years. At the Article 32, the investigating officer ordered OSI to hand over all medical records in their possession. Instead, she is still getting preferential treatment. We took our case directly to the Commanding General and explained via a written memo why the charges should be dropped. They recorded the call, in which the accused repeatedly apologized and said some very incriminating statements. After charges were preferred, Mr. We proved that her underlying story was not true. However, they flew up numerous El Salvadoran witnesses and several American witnesses to testify against our client. The General refused to send the case to court martial. NOT Guilty of Adultery. After several weeks of investigating, the command decided to not charge our client. Client was also accused of threatening the head of Embassy security. Client avoided jail, a conviction, sex offender registration and only received a one grade reduction and forfeiture of pay. When we started jury selection, we discovered that the jury was stacked with biased jurors. In the end, we were able to save his retirement and get a reasonable sentence the prosecution asked for 6 months and a dismissal. They wanted to make an example out of this soldier and gain favor with El Salvador by sacrificing one of their own regardless of his innocence. You are guaranteed an Honorable and you may get VA and victim compensation payments. The expert told the jury that when victims lie repeatedly, that means they are telling the truth. The expert testimony was absurd. Our objective was to avoid a sex offender registration and jail time. She should be court martialed for perjury and false official statement. Also, she claimed that after she was raped, she was forced to watch the disturbing rape video. The prosecution double charged him although sex occurred once. Instead, he was given an Article 15 for sexual assault, which is almost unheard of.

Aiken south carolina sex offender registry

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